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Health Coach Women Empowerment Business
Health Coach Women Empowerment Business

Empowering women to put themselves at the TOP of their priority list

Self-Massage 101

Relieve aches and pains in just a few minutes a day with simple self-massage techniques. I can show you how!

Join the Self-Care Revolution!

Do you struggle to put yourself first?

Do you feel exhausted just hearing the term "self-care"?

Maybe you have good self-care but you're having difficutly adapting to this crazy time?

I've been there. And I can tell you, there IS a better way. Join me today.

May you NEVER back-burner yourself again

The Self-Care Revolution will

...Change the conversation around self-care.

...Build a powerfully dynamic community.

...Empower you to create a life around prioritizing yourself.


I will empower you to

...Redefine self-care for you

...Flow through your days with more ease

...Move from depletion to abundance


I will show up for you so that you can show up for yourSELF.

Take the first step, join the revolution today.

Let's Get You Strong, Balanced, & Empowered...


Explore the magic of Thai structural bodywork with me, a truly unique experience. This is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.



Relieve aches and pains with a few minutes of simple self-bodywork techniques:



Learn basic Thai massage techniques together at home. Practicing massage with each other:


Daily Tech Breaks


For a uniquely blissful experience, check out one of my Yomassage™ sessions.
Restorative yoga plus massage? Yes, please!


Health Coach Women Empowerment Business

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Joleen Yelton

Wow, what a life changer! I came to Jenelle when I was experiencing incredible pain and discomfort in my lower back during the first trimester of my pregnancy. Before my sessions with her, it was difficult to sit in a chair, ride in the car and impossible to walk. My massages were both relaxing and energizing, and helped reduce my pain and stiffness almost immediately!

She not only took the time to get to know me and ask questions about my body and situation, she also helped to educate me on how to treat myself and how to be preventative. She even sent me home with a few exercises that my husband was able to do to help stretch out my areas of stiffness.

Joleen Yelton, Mama