I am a Pain Specialist, a Transformational Bodyworker, and a Trauma Healer. I’ve spent years helping people just like you change their lives.

I've spent 11 years crafting a unique approach to bodywork.This is a unique apprenticeship-style training to learn everything I practice. And I'm offering it to you.

Traditional Thai Massage with a Twist ~ a unique blend of Eastern and Western philosophies and techniques.

A unique approach to releasing trauma stored in the body and healing pain in a safe, comfortable way.

Learn together how to join each other on your healing journeys through private sessions.

A detailed approach to the assessing the body's structural patterns and imbalances.

I seek to empower you to dive deep into what self-care means to you, guiding you in personal practices to reconnect with your body.

#1 Pain Specialist in Portland
Pain Specialist
#1 Bodywork Healer in Portland
Transformational Bodyworker
#1 trauma healer in Portland

My commitment to you

Jenelle is a heart-centered healer who uses the power of bodywork, energy medicine, and coaching to help people step in the best versions of themselves and live their best lives.

Massage vs Bodywork

What is Bodywork?

I am licensed as a massage therapist but I am not a massage therapist.

Why? It isn’t descriptive enough. I am a Bodyworker. So what is the difference?

I use the term bodywork to be all-encompassing. I do not just massage your muscles (as amazing as that is too!).


Fascia is the connective tissue that connects your whole body. It explains why you have disfunction in one part of the body but experience the pain in another. You cannot truly relieve pain unless you track where the disfunction is coming from.

Restore Balance

Imbalances in the body create disfunction. Easing pain requires us to identify where that disfunction is coming from so we can restore balance.


The body is not stagnant, therefore effective bodywork must involve movement of the limbs and the body. I use lengthening and shortening of the muscles to target disfunction and relieve pain.

Science plus intuition

I love using both sides of my brain. I can objectively assess the structure and quality of the tissue, and then tune in to how the body is “speaking” to me.

East Meets West

Jenelle fuses two complementary but very distinct bodywork modalities: Traditional Thai Massage and Structural Bodywork. The result is unique in almost every way. Bodywork certainly includes massaging muscles, an integral part of healing pain, but it’s deeper and more complex than that.

Techniques that I incorporate:

Deep muscle compression – this allows me to affect muscle as well as the connective tissues, including fascia

Movement and joint mobilization – the body isn’t stagnant so healing therapies shouldn’t be either. I move limbs to lubricate joints and free up adhesions limiting range of motion.

Muscle activation – I use passive range of motion but I also use active range of motion. This activation allows the tissue to relax deeper.

Stretching – lengthening muscles is an important part of creating more balance in the body

Assessment – visual observation is key, because structural imbalances are clues. I observe how your body’s holding patterns by identifying imbalances, then my bodywork targets them.

Energy flow – Healing is more than just the physical structures of the body, I also incorporate energetic movement and release.

My intention is more than just relaxing muscles, it includes finding more balance in the body, creating more ease of movement, and releasing what is stagnant.

Healing requires more than massaging muscles, it requires holistically addressing the entire body.

Primary Techniques

  • Deep muscle compression
  • Movement and joint mobilization
  • Muscle activation
  • Positional muscle release
  • Lengthening and stretching
  • Assessments
  • Energy release
  • Performed on a thick mat on the floor, as opposed to a table
  • Client remains fully clothed
  • No oils or lotions
  • The technique is more focused on deep compression of muscle groups

What are the benefits?

Primary Intentions
  • Relaxation and stress relief
  • Calming central nervous system
  • Relieve pain
  • Improve circulation
  • Identify root causes of pain
  • Address musculature plus connective tissue (fascia) and joints
  • Improve ease of movement and joint mobilization
  • Holistically treat the entire body as a system
  • No lotion allows for optimal fascial manipulation
  • Clothing allows me to incorporate movement
  • Clothing allows me to access muscles otherwise difficult to access
  • Being on the floor has a very grounded energy unlike the table

And Structural Bodywork?

As a structural bodyworker, I assess posture and the body’s alignment to identify any imbalances that could be contributing to dysfunction, pain, or decreased range of motion.

Assessing posture simply means that I review your structure as you stand in a neutral position.

I look for any number of imbalances, such as elevated shoulders, rotated ribs, forward head position, or basically anything that appears out of balance. I assess before and after treatment as a way to gauge progress and plan sessions.

Treatment is then directed at any perceived imbalances in an attempt to bring the body back into balance.

The goal is for the body to be balanced to decrease effort, pain, risk of injury, and dysfunction.

Techniques include myofascial release, trigger point therapy, positional release therapy, and facilitated stretching.

The result is a targeted and focused treatment, which is generally somewhat engaging. The therapist relies on feedback and some participation to enhance the effectiveness of the techniques.

So, how do Thai massage and structural bodywork fit together?

The result is the best of two worlds!

With the Western focus on structure, alignment, and targeted change I incorporate traditional Thai massage techniques.

I take structural bodywork to the mat, combining assessment, Western concepts of fascia, and tangible results with the beautiful meditative qualities of traditional massage.

The result is relaxing and effective, rejuvenating and invigorating, and will leave you standing a little taller and ready to embrace the day!

#1 Trauma Healing and structural massages

Three Steps to a Happier You


Book a new client discovery call


Schedule your fist healing session - 110 minutes of self-care for just $305


Select your treatment plan listed below and get started with your healing journey.

How to work with Jenelle

Join me in a deeply healing journey to transform your pain and trauma.
  • Transformational Healing Session
  • $ 355
    One time
  • Don’t have a big budget to work with? No problem! Begin your healing journey with a single session.

    • Assessment
    • Custom treatment plan
    • Healing bodywork
    • Energy Medicine
    • Thai massage
  • 6-Session Series
  • $ 1900
    for 3
  • Package of 3 Transformational Bodywork sessions $850. Intended for clients after they’ve completed the Series, but can also be used for new clients.

    • Assessment
    • Custom treatment plan
    • Healing bodywork
    • Energy Medicine
    • Thai massage
    • Custom essential oil blend
  • 12-session Healing series
  • $ 3300
  • Schedule your 2-hour weekly healing sessions and manage appointments here. 3 payments of $1050 or 1 payment of $3,000

    • 12 sessions
    • A truly transformational healing journey
    • Bodywork, energy medicine, in-depth assessment and treatment plan
    • Virtual course: Transform Pain, Heal Trauma
    • Self-care coaching
    • Self-bodywork gift

Covid Protocol FAQ’s:

healing through self-care

What precautions will I take?

  • I’ve gotten my booster, so I’m fully vaccinated.
  • I wear an N95 during sessions
  • I added an additional HEPA filter.
  • Private healing space – you will not interact with anyone but me
  • Kn95 masks to all clients provided
  • I am testing myself weekly
  • I’m airing out my space between clients
  • I follow all OHA guidelines
  • Strict cleaning and sanitation before/after sessions
  • Spacing sessions out to allow for at least 30 minutes in between
  • Check-in protocol and contact tracing
  • Any questions, just ask! I want you to feel as comfortable as possible.

Health officials recognize the importance of massage and bodywork services and have found it to be relatively safe in terms of possible exposures. I follow closely and am committed to keeping us all safe, healthy, and open

Do I have to wear a mask?


What if I test positive, someone in my family tests positive?

Please let me know right away so that I can notify anyone who has visited the space since your session, and get myself tested.

What contact tracing practices are you doing?

I will notify you right away if I learn of anyone who has been in my space has tested positive.

Is it safe to receive bodywork?

While I am taking all measures to be as safe as possible, ultimately there is some risk involved. We can all mitigate the risk by wearing masks, washing our hands, and staying home when we’re sick.

my clients love me

"Jenelle is magic. That is the only way to put it. Jenelle has a unique touch and special approach that you just can't find anywhere else. And it's life changing. And i mean that. LIFE CHANGING. It's amazing what can be healed and released during her series. It’s a mandatory investment. Healing mind, body, spirit will open up so many doors for you."

Aria L
Portland, OR

my clients love me

"Jenelle Woodlief is a powerful healer. I have had many massages and tons of body work done, but none like the 110 minutes with Jenelle. I don’t have the words to express how I felt. I feel released. Physically and emotionally. If you haven’t experienced the magic of Jenelle’s bodywork, you are missing out."

Sarah Zareen
Portland, OR

my clients love me

"Jenelle is a true healer, through and through. She uses expert observation to identify tension patterns, and has a skilled and intuitive sense to know exactly where she needs to go to allow for those patterns to release. If you are on the fence about seeing Jenelle for a treatment or treatment series, do yourself a favor and book a session now. You won't be disappointed."

Katerina B
Portland, OR

my clients love me

"I am blown away! I am deeply relieved after my first visit with Jenelle Woodlief. I can’t even put into words the emotions that rushed over me by the end. I am literally breathing better. I feel taller. I feel calm. I can visibly see the difference in my neck before and after. I think I also look happier. I can’t wait to go back."

Britney B
Portland, OR

my clients love me

"Jenelle is a true magician. She has the ability to change how you feel in your body and how your body works. I leave every session feeling lighter and more at ease in my body and in my life."

Courtney G
Portland, OR

Meet Jenelle

As a Transformational Bodyworker in Portland, Oregon, Jenelle empowers clients to feel good in and connect more deeply with their bodies. She guides clients through transformational bodywork – a holistic approach to creating substantial and long-lasting change. Her work specifically focuses on releasing stored trauma in the body.

Clients experience reduced pain and discomfort, fewer injuries, and a stronger connection between body, mind, and spirit. Jenelle is passionate about empowering people especially to invest in themselves.

Touch can heal the world.

Jenelle is also passionate about infusing the world with more therapeutic touch. Empowering couples to connect more deeply through massage changes lives and relationships.

She melds her expansive background in teaching yoga, practicing Thai massage, and studying structural bodywork and has crafted a truly unique experience. This is carried out through her massage services, education, and coaching programs.

bodywork massage therapist

Begin your healing journey today

Join me in a deeply healing journey to transform your pain. I'll begin by sharing three journal prompts to get you curious, present, and grounded. Healing begins within, allow me to invite you inward.