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Massage, Reimagined

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Bodywork with Jenelle

How does your body feel? Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, in pain?

You’re not alone.

Give yourself the ultimate gift of self-care with a uniquely powerful bodywork experience.

You deserve this.

Jenelle fuses two powerful modalities to create a truly unique massage: Thai Massage and Structural Bodywork.


What sets this style apart:

  • No pain! Ditch the pokiness and discomfort of deep tissue - Massage should NOT hurt
  • Get off the table - Massage is performed on a thick mat on the floor. This gives it a solid, rooted quality to it and gives a lot more room to move around.
  • No lotions or oils - this allows for more focus on the fascia and allows for movement
  • Clothed - you wear comfy clothes that will allow for movement and lengthening of muscles

What is the result?

The result is a powerful experience that also feels subtle because I work with your body, rather than against it.

Intense yet gentle

It feels relaxing, yet energizing and refreshing.


What to expect

Less pain and discomfort

Faster injury recovery

Improved performance

Reduced risk of injury


Engaging yet releasing


From Amee in Portland:

Jenelle brought my awareness back and set me on a much healthier and more sustainable path. I can honestly say no massage has ever done so much for me.


Thai Structural Bodywork and Massage

Consider it self-care, self-love, self-respect and a healing practice because it’s all that and more.

Tabitha, Portland, OR

Jenelle is a powerful human being with a natural healing abilityI left feeling peaceful and with a new sense of joy that unfolded through the days after.


Snow B, Portland, OR

Jenelle is so gifted and really listens to what you tell her you need to work on.


Kelly, Portland, OR

When you are healing someone, I believe part of your ability to heal comes from your level of caring and compassion for humans. 

Jenelle FEELS and absorbs energy at an incredible level, and I believe she has the ability to process that energy and transfer it back into a healing touch.


Morgan, Portland OR

Jenelle is an intuitive and skilled bodyworker and her approach is wonderfully holistic and relaxing.

Sessions with her are great for keeping my body in peak health. Highly recommend her!

Melanie, Portland