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abdominal massage Chi Nei Tsang

Abdominal massage is a powerful healing tool for all kinds of pain, dysfunction, blockages, and range of motion difficulties.​​​​​​​​​

Chi Nei Tsang, Thai abdominal massage, structural bodywork, energy healing, and vibrational sound can all stimulate the vagus nerve, release fascial adhesions, move stagnant energy, and find more ease of digestive movement.

Digestive Issues

The entire abdomen is fascially connected; organs should be able to glide around each other. But fascial adhesions can reduce this glide, leading to lack of movement and dysfunction. Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage can resolve this by moving energy and releasing fascial adhesions preventing your organs from gliding smoothly.

Trouble Breathing

The diaphragm is a large muscle that wraps around the inside of the lower rib cage, facilitating breath and torso movement. When the rib cage is restricted, the diaphragm is not able to fully expand and contract. This impacts the nervous system by limiting deep breathing. Which also creates fascial adhesions that impact the shoulder and neck. Abdominal massage improves it all!

It’s so cool how connected everything is!

Structural bodywork and Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage can release the restrictions in the diaphragm, allowing you to take a deeper, more relaxing breath. Leading to a calmer nervous system and facilitating deeper healing.

Nervous System Relaxation

Your vagus nerve is a central component of your nervous system, when stimulated you can find deeper relaxation. Stimulating the vagus nerve through abdominal massage moves you from a fight/flight/freeze/fawn state (sympathetic nervous system) to a rest & digest state, where healing and relaxation happens.

And the cool thing is that the vagus nerve innervates throughout the abdomen, meaning you can relax your nervous system through abdominal massage. Even just some simple self abdominal massage can be deeply relaxing.

Vibrational Sound Healing

Vibrational sound sends powerful ripples of energy throughout the abdomen, also stimulating the vagus nerve. Therapeutic singing bowls and tuning forks are wonderful tools for this, leading to deep relaxation and energy healing. Sound therapy is a gentle, restorative, and powerful tool in abdominal massage.

Stagnant Energy

In Thai medical theory, all five energy lines in the body converge in the abdomen. Therefore, pressing on and releasing energetic blockages in the abdomen can clear blockages throughout the body. So abdominal massage on these points leads to a full body energetic release.

Low Back Pain

The low back is part of the abdomen and the deep hip flexors (psoas especially) impacts it. When the psoas muscle, which connects the lumbar spine to the femur, is tight or restricted it often causes low back tension and pain. Releasing the psoas through abdominal massage provides wonderful release and allows the low back muscles to move more freely. And the psoas is access through the abdomen.

Hip Pain and Limited Range of Motion

Tight muscles and fascial adhesions in the abdomen can create hip dysfunction and limited range of motion. Releasing them can create more pelvic balance and ease of movement. Lower abdominal muscles and hip flexors like the iliacus muscles can really free up the pelvis, improving hip flexibility and low back pain. Abdominal massage can significantly improve hip function.

Scar Tissue Adhesions

Abdominal surgeries, especially cesarean sections, create superficial and deep layer scar tissue, which can create fascial adhesions. These can cause pain throughout the abdomen. Abdominal massage can gently break up these adhesions, improving pain and function.

Honestly, abdominal massage is incredible!

Have you ever experienced it? What was your experience? 

Do you have any of the issues listed above?

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