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Relieve Pain with Simple Self-Massage

Learn simple self-massage techniques to relieve tension, aches, and pains.

Jenelle Woodlief

empowers moms through simple yet profound tools to care for their bodies and spirits: massage, self-care education, strength-training, community, connection, and engagement.


Every day, I see clients and lead group workshops to help moms like you get back in your bodies and feel energized.

This is deep work - emotionally, physically, and spiritually - to create balance in your body. My passion is guiding clients through this journey in a safe healing space. No one needs this more than moms.

Moms don’t need another “to-do.” That list is long enough already.

Moms do need permission to give themselves the rest and space to heal their bodies and connect with others, to reclaim their power as women and feel good (even while they’re changing yet another poopy diaper).

Because we need moms who have the energy and self-confidence to honor and heal themselves so you can raise the next generation to be their best selves.

Helping moms heal and find their power is my passion and my mission that I put to good use when my life imploded and I had to apply every tool in my toolbox to make it through.

I’ve refined those tools, and I’m here to share them with you.


You'll walk out of Jenelle's lovely studio at Stay Strong, Mamas, feeling like a whole new person. I had never had a Thai massage before and absolutely loved the technique. It feels deeper than a massage. Like a mix of massage and yoga. I'm hooked!

It's obvious that Jenelle understands the human body well. She released spots I didn't even realize were stuck. I felt much more relaxed and limber afterwards. I have a few places in my body that tend to hold more tension than others (don't we all?) and even more that are consistently tight and sore due to sitting at a computer all week. Jenelle gave me some really good advice about where and how to focus on strengthening and where to focus on lengthening. I've incorporated her advice into my regular exercise routine and definitely see and feel the difference. 

Jenelle's calm and gentle spirit instantly put you at ease and this is reflected in her studio space. The whole experience will leave you refreshed and invigorated. I can't recommend her enough!

Amee Pacheco, Mama

My Journey

I began my bodywork journey by becoming a licensed massage therapist and yoga teacher, then training in Thailand to become skilled in traditional Thai massage. I began a private practice seeing massage clients and teaching classes and workshops. Then I became a mother and found that too demanding and overwhelming to authentically show up also as a therapist and teacher. I put my practice on hold to stay home full time with my babies, but I always knew I’d go back. I continued training and learning, expanding my skills in Thai massage and structural bodywork, and daydreaming about how to intertwine the two.

When my husband unexpectedly and suddenly left me, going back to work became no longer optional. I struggled immensely initially; I felt so broken and disempowered. Fear and insecurity nearly crippled me, at times literally stifling my breathing. Faced with complete uncertainty around my financial and professional future, I chose me.

I chose to take a risk on me and build a new life for myself. I wanted my boys to see me embrace my fear and live with authenticity and passion. I also felt that my story would resonate with others and discovered that writing is healing for me. As I began to write and share myself with the world, others reached out in appreciation, which warms my heart and fuels my passion.

Through the process of building my business, I began to feel empowered, and then found myself energized by empowering others. I realized that all of my skills and passions could be directed at this central mission.
I choose to put my gifts toward empowering moms to be strong and balanced in their bodies and empowered and inspired to care for themselves.

So, ultimately Stay Strong, Mamas, is empowerment. I believe that I can serve moms and offer simple yet profound tools to care for their bodies and spirits: massage, self-care coaching, strength-training, community, connection, commitment, and engagement. I see individual clients and lead group workshops, and am always expanding my practice, learning, and growing.
XOXO ~ Jenelle

My "Resume" and Notable Experiences and Certifications

Licensed Massage Therapist (#19101), 800-hour program at East West College of Healing Arts, 2012

Yomassage™ certification, 2019

Thai Massage Training (207 total hours): 33 hours, Allison Lurie, East West; 120 hours in Loi Kro School in Chiang Mai, Thailand; 30 hours, David Weitzer Oregon School of Massage; 12 hours herbal compress balls, Baan Jai School; Thai training, 12 hours, Baan Jai School

Structural Bodywork and Deep Tissue (45 total hours): 33 hours, Jonathan Primack at East West; pelvic and hip structural bodywork, 12 hours, Jonathan Primack at Absolute Bodyworks

Mama and baby (24 hours): 12 hours infant massage, Loving Touch Infant Massage; 12 hours, Postpartum Deep Tissue, Oregon School of Massage

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT): Lotus Seed and Yoga Alliance member, 200-hour certification program

Academic Education:

Masters Degree and Doctoral coursework: Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University, 2009

Bachelor of Arts: Anthropology and Politics, Willamette University, 2005