Relieve Pain with Simple Self-Massage

Learn simple self-massage techniques to relieve tension, aches, and pains.

Jenelle Woodlief


...Changing the conversation around self-care

...Building a powerfully dynamic community

...Empowering you to create a life around prioritizing yourself.


... Redefine self-care for you

... Flow through your days with more ease

... Move from depletion to abundance

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Take Back Your Power Online Course

Group Coaching

I am passionate about empowering YOU to put yourself at the TOP of your priority list.

Self-Care is the key to taking your POWER back.

This is deeply healing work - emotionally, physically, and spiritually - to create balance in your body.

Guiding you in the WHAT, WHY, AND HOW

I have created and mastered an essential blueprint for your Self-Care journey.

A beautiful and messy process

I offer authentic and intimate window into my own self-care journey. Follow me as I walk the talk through my Live Channel.


Deep dive into your own journey with me as your guide. I will show up for you so YOU can show up for YOU.

This will change your life if you let it.


How Do I know?

A little over a year ago, I was hit by a major earthquake: my husband suddenly and unexpectedly left me for another woman. And I was NOT prepared.

I had spent 7 years on the back burner, prioritizing everyone else around me. The term self-care induced guilt, a deep sense that I deserve it, and a little bit of an eye roll. I felt so consumed by motherhood, supporting my husband through drug and alcohol recovery, and healing from PTSD.

I didn’t know myself, I didn’t really even love myself. In my world of priorities, I simply did not exist.


And when the earthquake hit, I felt so unbelievably broken. 


My husband leaving was earth-shatteringly devastating.

But it was also an OPPORTUNITY:

To learn to love myself

To create a life centered around celebrating myself

To embrace such strong self-care that I will never collapse like that again

And through it all, I discovered something amazing: ME.



I walked through fire to create a life of radical self-care. I felt in love with myself so fiercely that I bask in the gratitute of the life I’ve created. 




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You'll walk out of Jenelle's lovely studio feeling like a whole new person. I had never had a Thai massage before and absolutely loved the technique. It feels deeper than a massage. Like a mix of massage and yoga. I'm hooked!

It's obvious that Jenelle understands the human body well. She released spots I didn't even realize were stuck. I felt much more relaxed and limber afterwards.

Jenelle's calm and gentle spirit will instantly put you at ease and this is reflected in her studio space. The whole experience will leave you refreshed and invigorated. I can't recommend her enough!

Amee Pacheco,Portland, OR

My "Resume" and Notable Experiences and Certifications

Licensed Massage Therapist (#19101), 800-hour program at East West College of Healing Arts, 2012

Yomassage™ certification, 2019

Thai Massage Training (207 total hours): 33 hours, Allison Lurie, East West; 120 hours in Loi Kro School in Chiang Mai, Thailand; 30 hours, David Weitzer Oregon School of Massage; 12 hours herbal compress balls, Baan Jai School; Thai training, 12 hours, Baan Jai School

Structural Bodywork and Deep Tissue (45 total hours): 33 hours, Jonathan Primack at East West; pelvic and hip structural bodywork, 12 hours, Jonathan Primack at Absolute Bodyworks

Mama and baby (24 hours): 12 hours infant massage, Loving Touch Infant Massage; 12 hours, Postpartum Deep Tissue, Oregon School of Massage

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT): Lotus Seed and Yoga Alliance member, 200-hour certification program

Academic Education:

Masters Degree and Doctoral coursework: Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University, 2009

Bachelor of Arts: Anthropology and Politics, Willamette University, 2005