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Amazon Self-Healing Favorites

I love how many amazing self-healing tools there are! Here are some of my amazon self-healing favorites.

(This post includes affiliate links, but they’re ALL products I use and love and purchasing them with my links helps support my healing business.)


Nervous System Regulation

LifePro Waver Vibration Plate – this thing is so cool!! I use it in the morning, and have it set up on my kitchen for when I work on my laptop. I find it so relaxing to my nervous system, and even use it for squats to add some extra sizzle to my workout.

Earthing Grounding Mat, Grounding Mattress Cover Pad – Earthing grounded mats provide access to the healing frequencies of the Earth. Check out the documentary for more info!

Sound Healing

Vibrational sound therapy is deeply relaxing to the nervous system and an amazing way to relax.

Singing Bowl Machine – this is so cool! Just turn it on and relax! I play mine while I’m meditating and reading.

Chakra Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls For Sound Healing – my favorite set of crystal bowls! They come in the frequency of each of the 7 chakras. I play mine all the time, at home, the beach, in the park, and when my kids are playing nearby for some sneaky healing they don’t even know they’re receiving.

Meditation Tuning Necklace – in the frequency of love. This is a new favorite of mine! It’s such a beautiful sound and wonderful to use during meditation. I just keep it around my neck during the day and use it whenever I need some relaxation.


Memory Form Massage Mat,Back Massager, Full Body Massage pad – I love love LOVE laying on this mat; my favorite time is when I do a VR meditation while using my heated castor oil pack (also linked below) on my belly. My favorite afternoon self-care time!


Pain Relief