tmj dysfunction hearing loss tinnitus

TMJ Dysfunction, Hearing Loss, and Tinnitus

Four years ago, I lost 100% of the hearing in my left ear and began experiencing excruciating ringing, ...
portland massage bodywork continuing education

Thai Massage Structural Bodywork Training

Calling All Massage Therapist and Bodyworkers! Exciting Training Program fusing thai massage and structural bodywork - Fall 2021 ...
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Heal Chronic Pain by Shifting Language

“I just always carry tension in my neck and shoulders, I won't be able to heal my chronic ...
structural bodywork jenelle woodlief

How Emotions Create Structural Changes in our Body

How we hold our body creates structural changes. Our emotions directly impact how we hold our body, thus ...
transformational bodywork Jenelle Woodlief

The Series Gets an Upgrade: Transforming Transformational Bodywork

What are the upgrades? Why? What this means for you. An offer: Self-Care Gift Box
Portland Thai massage

A Pain in the Butt: Glutes Bodywork

The hips can hold so much trauma. And it shows up in all areas of the body. Bodywork ...