I am a Pain Specialist, a Transformational Bodyworker, and a Trauma Healer. I’ve spent years helping people just like you change their lives.

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Transformational Bodywork Technique – Fundamentals Level 1
Learn the fundamentals of an innovative approach to bodywork, Transformational Bodywork Technique


Students will receive hands-on/one-on-one treatment and instruction by the creator and founder Jenelle Woodlief and will have the chance to practice with one another and receive constant feedback.

6 Weeks, 3hours, 4 person max/2 person min

18 hours CEUs

$999/Early Bird $899

Learn the fundamentals of an innovative approach to bodywork that incorporates Traditional Thai massage, Structural Bodywork, Trigger Point Therapy, and muscle activation. Students will gain confidence in assessment, creating treatment plans, pain relief and balancing the body. Learn and practice effective body mechanics to enhance and lengthen your career as a bodyworker.

What is Transformational Bodywork Technique?

TBT incorporates the fundamentals of traditional Thai massage and structural bodywork. Bodywork is performed on a Thai floor mat with clients fully clothed. Deep muscle compression, joint mobilization, and stretching techniques do wonders for treating pain, creating more ease and flow in the body, and improving circulation. Structural bodywork focuses on releasing fascial restrictions to achieve more balance in the body. Muscle activation and trigger point therapy enhance the techniques.


Week 1 (September 13th): Overview, Basic Technique and Body Mechanics

Week 2 (9/20): Head, Neck & Shoulders

Week 3 (9/27): Back and Rib Cage

Week 4 (10/4): Pelvis and Hip Flexors

Week 5 (10/11): Lower Body

Week 6 (10/18): Final Evaluations

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Learn how to charge more for your services so that you can take fewer clients and devote more time and energy to them.

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Learn how to efficiently move your body so that you experience less pain and discomfort.

Enhance your technique to get substantial and long-lasting results.

Gain the skills and technique to extend the length of your bodywork career.

Discovery Session

Explore the Transformational Bodywork Technique training and mentoring program. Includes overview, bodywork, and Q&A. Mandatory for signing up for the program. NDA required.


Current LMTs and other licensed hands-on practitioners, and advanced students only, CEs not available


Discovery Sessions are $349. The 12-week Transformational Bodywork Technique training and mentorship program is an investment of 3 payments of $3333.


$995 non-refundable deposit


The schedule consists of 12 weekly sessions of 4 hours, scheduled in advance. The 2 90-min sessions with Jenelle are scheduled during her availability.

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Training and Mentorship

Jenelle trains only one or two people at a time, so as to create mentorship learning and an immersive training experience. Key details are as follows:

  • Twelve 4-hour weekly sessions
  • Two 90-min bodywork sessions with Jenelle
  • Two-hour end-of-series assessment
  • Training includes overview, observation, practice, and receiving the bodywork from Jenelle

Why 12 weeks?

  • This goes deeper than a weekend workshop, yet it’s still accessible and manageable for those with busy schedules.
  • The body and mind need time and practice to truly integrate a new approach to bodywork.
  • Jenelle also wants you and your body to experience the deeply healing impact of the work, so that the learning is truly immersive.

How to Train with Jenelle

Complete the Interest Form Below

Tell us all about you, your current practice, and your goals.

Schedule a Discovery Session

90-minutes of bodywork, 15 minutes of overview, and 15 minutes of Q&A

Schedule training dates, make deposit

Trainings are offered 2-3 times a year. Deposit is $995, nonrefundable.

Begin your healing journey today

Join me in a deeply healing journey to transform your pain. I'll begin by sharing three journal prompts to get you curious, present, and grounded. Healing begins within, allow me to invite you inward.

my clients love me

"Jenelle is magic. That is the only way to put it. Jenelle has a unique touch and special approach that you just can't find anywhere else. And it's life changing. And i mean that. LIFE CHANGING. It's amazing what can be healed and released during her series. It’s a mandatory investment. Healing mind, body, spirit will open up so many doors for you."

Aria L
Portland, OR

my clients love me

"Jenelle Woodlief is a powerful healer. I have had many massages and tons of body work done, but none like the 110 minutes with Jenelle. I don’t have the words to express how I felt. I feel released. Physically and emotionally. If you haven’t experienced the magic of Jenelle’s bodywork, you are missing out."

Sarah Zareen
Portland, OR

my clients love me

"Jenelle is a true healer, through and through. She uses expert observation to identify tension patterns, and has a skilled and intuitive sense to know exactly where she needs to go to allow for those patterns to release. If you are on the fence about seeing Jenelle for a treatment or treatment series, do yourself a favor and book a session now. You won't be disappointed."

Katerina B
Portland, OR

my clients love me

"I am blown away! I am deeply relieved after my first visit with Jenelle Woodlief. I can’t even put into words the emotions that rushed over me by the end. I am literally breathing better. I feel taller. I feel calm. I can visibly see the difference in my neck before and after. I think I also look happier. I can’t wait to go back."

Britney B
Portland, OR

my clients love me

"Jenelle is a true magician. She has the ability to change how you feel in your body and how your body works. I leave every session feeling lighter and more at ease in my body and in my life."

Courtney G
Portland, OR