I am a Pain Specialist, a Transformational Bodyworker, and a Trauma Healer. I’ve spent years helping people just like you change their lives.

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    As a Transformational Bodyworker in Portland, Oregon, Jenelle empowers clients to feel good in and connect more deeply with their bodies. She guides clients through 9 weeks of transformational bodywork, a holistic approach to creating substantial and long-lasting change. Her work specifically focuses on releasing stored trauma in the body. Clients experience reduced pain and discomfort, fewer injuries, and a stronger connection between body, mind, and spirit. Jenelle is passionate about empowering people especially to invest in themselves. Touch can heal the world.
    Jenelle is also passionate about infusing the world with more therapeutic touch. Empowering couples to connect more deeply through massage changes lives and relationships.


    SW 14th and Harrison St
    Portland, OR