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Private Couples Massage Training


Would you like to feel more confident giving your partner massage?

What would that do for your relationship?

Infuse your relationship with the power of therapeutic touch.

Gain skills and confidence in giving and receiving massage.

Reconnect with one another during this stressful time.

Enjoy the most unique date night experience!

couples hand foot head massage video
couples hand foot head massage video
Has this year been hard on your relationship? You're not alone.

Many couples are finding it more difficult to connect.

Alone time is more tricky to carve out.

Traditional date night activities aren't available right now.

But we need connection now more than ever.

Massage is a powerful way to connect in this stressful time

No sitter, reservations, or big time commitment. Just simple, quality time together, gaining the skills and confidence to relieve your partner's stress and tension.

Don't let COVID get you down, get creative!
Want a stronger relationship?

Couples massage is proven to strengthen relationships and improve wellbeing.

Want to feel more satisfied in your relationship?

Couples who massage one another report greater relationship satisfaction.

Are you looking for a unique date idea?

Spend quality time together learning a new skill that will enhance your relationship for years to come.

couples learn massage video

What Do You Get?

Take your massage skills to a whole new level with this unique private training in Portland, OR.

Enjoy a 2 hour training custom-tailored to the areas that you want to focus on. Each partner will receive the massage techniques from Jenelle, have a change to practice and receive feedback, and get to receive from each other.

Examples of areas we can focus on:

How to give each other the best neck and shoulder massage?
Want to learn ways to relieve your partner's headaches?
Curious how a quick calf massage can help your partner run faster and longer?

Each session is unique to YOU and teaches you the techniques to safely and confidently give each other massage.
couples massage online video

Every session is specific to YOU


Covers the basics

Safety considerations

How much pressure


Fun & Engaging

Confidently ask for what you want

couples massage video online

Connect Through Massage

Touch is crucial in our relationships:

  • Deepens connection
  • Heals wounds
  • Strengthens bond
  • Helps your partner feel better

What would it be like to change your relationship and relieve your partner's pain?




Most couples want to give each other massage. So what holds them back?

  • Not knowing what to do.
  • It feels uncomfortable or hurts.
  • Not knowing how.
  • "But we don't have a massage table."
  • Not knowing how much pressure to use.


We took Jenelle’s couple’s Thai massage class and both of us absolutely loved the experience!  We learned so much and have used the techniques at home. 

Rachel & Quinn, Portland

Such a nice way to unwind together!

Stephanie L, Portland

The confidence we gained was incredible! We've grown closer and take more time for each other. So wonderful to have a unique date night activity!

Catherine & Erik, Portland

Learning from Jenelle was amazing! She's such a good teacher and we learned so much!

Joleen & Taylor, Portland

My husband is usually so hard to buy for, but this was perfect! We're so excited!

Nneka & Valante

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The 5 Love Languages: Massage Covers ALL

Gary Chapman shares five key ways that people receive and express love: acts of service, words of affirmation, physical touch, quality time, and gifts.

So express your love by sharing this experience together.

  • Massage is a beautiful act of service.
  • Share loving words with one another
  • Massage is the best kind of physical touch
  • Share quality time with one another
  • Give the gift this holiday season!

For more information on The 5 Love Languages and take a test to learn your personal language, visit here.

couples thai massage video

Would you like to feel more connected with your partner?

Most couples want to give their partner massage. So what is holding them back?

What do I do?

Lack of confidence is one of the biggest reasons couples don't massage one another.

It doesn't feel good.

It feels uncomfortable or hurts, both for the giver and receiving.

How do I help my partner?

Not knowing how to alleviate your partner's pain. Hint: it's not just about rubbing where it hurts.

But we don't have a massage table.

That's ok! Working on the floor, sofa, or bed great, and way more convenient.

The Best Gift You Could Possibly Give to Each Other

couples massage video online
Date Night: Dinner and a Massage!

Gift your partner a date night they will never forget. And a gift that will keep on giving!

Christmas Gift

Surprise your partner with a 1-of-a-kind gift. Christmas is right around the corner!

Jenelle Woodlief thai massage couples online video
Jenelle Woodlief thai massage couples online video
Valentine's Day Experience

A perfect and unique way to celebrate Love. Deepen your connection and enjoy your time together.

The perfect weekend away

Book a mini retreat and make it extra special. Make lasting memories and learn valuable skills to bring home.

couples thai massage online videos

How to Book

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I'm Jenelle and I am a Transformational Bodyworker. I've spent years teaching couples and others how to practice massage.

I would love to invite you to begin your journey with me.

I take a playful and curious approach to teaching couples massage. It should be fun and comfortable for you to both give and receive massage.

I love empowering couples to safely and confidently give one another massage.

Sessions are completely customizable and tailored to you, your needs, and your interests.

A typical session includes:

  • Setting a plan for what we will cover
  • I demonstrate the techniques on each partner (so you get to experience what it feels like from me, and get to see a demonstration)
  • You practice on one another for feedback, instruction, and problem-solving

My goal is to give you tangible techniques to use right away to safely and confidently perform massage relevant to what your body needs.

Touch can heal the world.

Jenelle is also passionate about infusing the world with more therapeutic touch.

Empowering couples to connect more deeply through massage changes lives and relationships.