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How we hold our body creates structural changes.

Our emotions directly impact how we hold our body, thus our emotions directly impact our physical structure and posture. Therefore, our emotions and experiences can directly cause structural changes.

Your body is all connected!

When you hold your body in an unbalanced state, muscles literally shorten, fascia bunches up. This creates structural ripple effects throughout the body. From head to toe. Meaning imbalances, for example, in your pelvis can cause dysfunction in everything from your low back, rib cage, breath function, upper back pain, neck and shoulder tension, as well as impacting your lower body.

How do emotions create holding patterns? Some examples:

Are you used to shrinking and hiding? Your posture will show that in the structural changes. Common for those who have experience trauma.

Are you stuck in fight or flight mode from chronic stress? You’re likely to be holding your breath or taking shallow breaths? This shows up in your rib cage function. One side of the rib cage can become compressed and cease to expand fully.

Did an old injury lead you to favor one side of your body? This creates compensation patterns that directly impact the rest of your body and its function.

Structural Changes

The imbalances create structural changes which then cause dysfunction in all areas of your body. It’s all connected!

The Good News

The good news is your structure can also find balance again, your body can release holding patterns. You’re not stuck with these structural changes. But in order to truly heal both your emotional and physical bodies need to experience structural changes.

Transformational Bodywork Healing

This is what I do with my clients, I guide you through these structural changes and healing. My bodywork is specifically aimed at creating new structural patterns and restoring balance to ease pain and improve functional movement.


Through my innovative 12-session healing intensive, we create structural changes to shift your holding patterns. Through visual assessments and a review of how your life experiences are showing up in your body, we create long-lasting structural changes. Your body will never be the same, and you will finish with an entirely new appreciation for how your body functions and how to care for it.

Deep Healing Takes Time

There are no quick fixes, so we dive into all the layers of Healing. Over the 12 weeks, we move through acute pain to chronic pain, to the structural imbalances causing that pain. We make make substantial and permanent structural changes. You’ll see incredible improvements in how your body feels and moves. You will experience less pain and more ease, and this will create ripple effects into your entire life.

Begin your healing journey now, schedule your discovery session here. Email me with any questions!

Client testimonial from Amanda:
“In one session with JENELLE, I really felt like it was more effective than all of those modalities put together…

… honestly has been the most effective in controlling my pain level and not just temporarily, but structurally long term.”