I am a Pain Specialist, a Transformational Bodyworker, and a Trauma Healer. I’ve spent years helping people just like you change their lives.

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“I just always carry tension in my neck and shoulders, I won’t be able to heal my chronic pain, discomfort, and tension.”

I heal chronic pain, discomfort, and tension. But If I had a dollar for every time I hear some version of this. For many of us, we just assume that chronic pain and discomfort are inevitable.

Can you relate?

What if I told you it doesn’t have to be this way? That deep healing your chronic pain, discomfort, and muscle tension is completely possible. But we have to get out of our own way.

Words Matter

You see friends, our words have power.

The ways we speak to and about our bodies matter, and when we constantly “claim” our we can’t possibly release to heal chronic pain, discomfort, and tension. 

Are you identifying with your pain?

When we always identify as having a particular pain, discomfort or tension we’re attaching ourselves to it. It becomes truth. How could we ever possibly expect our body to heal when we’ve literally accepted that it’s “just how our body is”?

We can’t. Your body won’t heal if we’ve resigned ourselves and accepted that we will just always be in pain. 

Don’t Believe What You Think

Even if you’ve experienced it as long as you can remember. Even if it comes back no matter what you do. 

But you won’t heal chronic pain, discomfort, and tension until you release your attachment and identity to it. And it certainly won’t heal until you invest in your healing. 

Find a therapist who will dig deep to find the root causes of the and heal chronic pain, discomfort, and tension, and then commit to changing the structures perpetuating it. 

No Easy Fixes

A once-in-a-while massage isn’t going to do it, it isn’t going to heal your chronic pain, discomfort, and tension.

Imagine how your quality of life would improve if you never had to say that again, if you never had to claim or not heal chronic pain, discomfort, and tension. Imagine how much more productive you would be if no longer identified with them.

Transformational Bodywork Series

My 12-session Transformational Bodywork Series is designed to deeply heal your body by changing the way your body functions. We find greater balance and ease of movement. We release pain and tension you’ve been holding on to, perhaps for a lifetime. And we find a new relationship with your body, and the ways you care for and nurture it.

Deep healing takes time, commitment, and investment. But it’s so worth it. 

I have openings starting in August. DM me for details!