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I want to guide you in how to heal your body.

Your body is how you exist in this physical reality, and it’s part of how your divine selves communicates with you. In fact, your emotional and energetic self is expressed through physical sensations in the body.

You can heal your body.

Most often this comes through as physical pain, aches, discomfort, injury, dis-ease, and other imbalances. It’s easy to see these painful distractions as annoyances. They make it hard to heal your body. But they’re just how our body expresses needs and makes requests for support; in fact, they provide valuable insight so it’s crucial we learn how to tune in.

All physical sensations you experience are ways your body communicates and makes requests for support. Are you listening? How is your intuition guiding you to heal your body.

Most of us were not taught how to truly listen to our body so it’s difficult to heal your body, in fact we most often learn to dissociate from our body. Either that or we treat our body like a machine that “should” function without glitch. And of course when we see pain as an inconvenience, it’s natural to build resentment for our body “failing” us.

If we could only listen…

Our body communicates so much with us, if we can only learn how to quiet our mind and tune in. When we learn to slow down and actively listen to the quiet whispers, we can usually avoid our body yelling and screaming at us to pay attention. Practically put, when we listen to the subtle messages, we can often avoid major pain or injury from occurring.

Common messages I’ve seen in my 10+ years as a bodyworker include:

  • It’s time to shine bright and stop hiding or shrinking to make others comfortable.
  • Please, rest more and do more of what lights you up.
  • Stop bracing yourself in fearful anticipation (walking on eggshells, anyone?).
  • Release the need to control outcomes.
  • Allow yourself to trust in the flow of abundance.

How do these emotions show up in your body?

The body expresses needs and requests in so many ways, and differently for everyone. But in working with hundreds of clients, I’ve observed that emotions are felt in fairly predictable patterns in three regions of the body: head & neck, abdominal/gut, and pelvic/low-back.

Therefore, when you experience an emotion, it is felt in and expressed through the body.

Emotions are meant to be felt, processed, and then released once we’ve heard the message. If not, they get stored in the body.

But how to heal your body? In short, come back into communion with your body.

To befriend the body is to transform your relationship with how it functions and learn how to listen when it talks to you. I use the framework of the Five C’s to change the way you view and relate to your body.

The Five C’s to Heal Your Body

  1. Commitment – showing up for yourself consistently builds trust (yes, you can learn to trust yourself!) and trust is necessary for all relationships. Make a regular habit of checking in, finding quiet moments to scan your body and listen for messages. “I’m here and I’m listening, what do you need” is a simple question to start with.
  2. Communication – how you talk to and about your body matters so speak kindly. For example, your body is not failing you, it is asking for support.
  3. Curiosity – taking a curious and observational approach will limit the emotional cartwheels that pain often triggers. Go from “why is this pain happening to me” to “oh interesting, I wonder what my body is asking for?”
  4. Compassion & forgiveness – it’s ok, learn to forgive your body for not “functioning” the way you’d like it so. Compassion allows us to slow down and listen without judgement or attachment.
  5. Collaboration – find new ways of working with your body. Your body’s job is to communicate with you and it is your job to listen and take action on the requests.

These are the same principles we’d take with any loved one. And are we not our most important loved one? Let’s explore more ways in how to heal your body.

The good news is that this all becomes easier and more natural with practice.

I’d love to hear what came up for you!

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