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The Moon can be a powerful ally in our healing and there is incredible healing through the moon phases. With awareness, intention, and simple rituals, we can learn to harness it. The easiest way to do that is to understand the phases the moon passes through during the lunar cycle. Just as the Moon guides the tides in and out, the Moon can also guide our healing. And you can tap into the energy of each phase throughout the month!

You can also take the Moon Healing quiz to discover which phase you’re needing most right now.

New Moon: Rejuvenation

The beginning of the cycle, the New Moon (also called “no moon”) is when the moon is not visible. A powerfully restorative phase of the lunar cycle, the New Moon can guide us inward, tending to our inner flame and tending to the home of our soul. It begins our healing through the moon phases.

I find the New Moon deeply nourishing. For me, it’s a time for slowing down, turning inward, and allowing all that isn’t serving me to burn up. More rest is usually needed to allow for a full system rest. This is when I do my most impactful shadow work and allow myself to sit in a dark space. Knowing that I’m clearing out the things preventing new beginnings and making my intention-setting more powerful. 

First Quarter Moon: Root

Healing through the moon phases: Following the deeply nourishing New Moon phase, we move into the grounding power of the 1st Quarter Moon. Here we harness our strength, power, and balance; and take inspired action.

I find the 1st Quarter Moon deeply inspiring. For me, it’s a time for setting intentions, planting seeds, and beginning new projects. It’s a time when I really connect with my body, meeting all its needs however I can. I connect more with the Earth, with myself, and with the people I care about.

Full Moon: Refresh

Healing through the moon phases: The Full Moon is a time to find greater flow and ease of movement. The energy is cleansing, purifying, and refreshing.

I find the Full Moon invigorating and action-oriented. For me, it’s a time for finding movement, allowing myself to get carried away by creative endeavors, and by clearing out any stuck energy.

Last Quarter Moon: Release

Healing through the moon phases: Find freedom and self-expression through the Last Quarter Moon! This phase empowers us to take aligned action to find freedom, encouraging us to embrace our expansiveness and visibility.

I find the Last Quarter Moon very freeing and expansive. The final phase in the moon cycle, there’s a sense of completion. For me, it’s a time for taking aligned, inspired action and releasing what is holding me back so that I can take up space and feel expansive and free. I think of it as cutting the cords that are keeping me from flying.

Working with the Moon Phases

The moon cycles through the four phases every week so they’re perfect times for healing rituals. On each phase, I take time to slow down and really tune in to that energy. My ritual includes:

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