Have you ever wanted a Self-Care Coach in your Pocket?


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Do you struggle with putting yourself first? Are you feeling stressed? Has your self-esteem taken a hit?

You’re not alone.

I created this program to empower YOU

May you never back-burner yourself again.



Imagine having a Self-Care Coach in your pocket.

Imagine being part of a community of women committed to supporting and celebrating one another.

Ever look at some women and wonder, "How does she DO it all?"

You don't have to wonder anymore.

Jenelle gives you a window into her own self-care routines, rituals, habits, and struggles (yes, even self-care coaches struggle too).


Want to Try for (almost) Free?

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Up Close and Personal

This group coaching will give you the tools, strategies, and community to move you from depletion to ABUNDANCE, so you can take on the world.

What I teach is proven practices and strategies that will reduce your stress, improve your mental health, elevate your mood, increase your self-esteem, develop your self-awareness, and enable you to serve others better.

Program Pillars:

Mindset: Remove limiting beliefs.
Strategy: Learn how to put yourself first.
Practices: Easy, actionable ways to care for yourself.
Meditation: Quick meditations to elevate your wellbeing.

What is Included:

NEW weekly content (exclusive practices, tools and strategies)
Ability to rewatch the videos anytime (they never disappear!)
Live Coaching every Sunday with Jenelle
Access to a supportive community of women (share and respond to videos!)


No commitment, cancel anytime!

Still Curious?

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Creating an Empowered Life

This course is a powerful blueprint for how to use the power of self-care to build the life you're meant to live.

Module 1 is Building an Intentional Life and includes written and video content, downloadable journal prompts and exercises, meditations, and more.

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