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Build a self-care corner with me!

A physical you return to daily and anytime you need some extra nourishment is crucial for healing and self-devotion.

If you’re anything like me, I struggled for years with prioritizing myself, finding it so much easier to caretake for everyone around me. As a mom, I always focused on setting up my new homes by carving out space for the kids and my spouse. I had no self-care corner, it never even occurred to me. Yet somehow I got lost in the mix. The impact on my mental health was profound.

And because I didn’t carve out a self-care corner it was harder to carve out time for myself. It wasn’t until after divorce that I realized how desperately I was craving my own space and I prioritized it.


Where in your home can you carve out a self-care corner for yourself to return to during our time together and beyond? 

Most of us share our home, world, and schedules with other humans (children, partners/spouses, other family, etc) and it’s important to have a small space that is just our own. Entering your special corner signals to our brain, body, and other people that it’s sacred time.

Note: It doesn’t need to be fancy, large, or complex. It could be a corner in your bedroom but just make it some place away from the hustle and bustle of home life.

Get Creative!

Depending on the size of your home, you may not have space that can be permanently designated as “yours”, but we can still make it energetically yours. It may need to be “flexible” or easily transportable self-care corner.

It could be that you create a little healing basket for your self-care corner and designate a cozy spot that you set up in when you step into your emotional healing space. Getting the basket out signals to your brain and others that “your” time has begun.

Just make your self-care corner intentional, clearly defined, and deeply personal.

My self-care corner is a corner in my bedroom near a window. It’s a place out of the way enough that it doesn’t collect clutter and it’s clearly defined, beautiful, and always ready to welcome me.

Just sitting down on the cushion in my self-care corner invites a nourishing deep breath, like I’ve just returned home. I love being here, it makes me feel loved and prioritized, and I intentionally never do anything else here. No social media, no work, just time to reflect and sit with myself. 

What to Include

What physical items will help you get into a healing space and prepare you for deep work?

This will be very personal but in general think about things that feel good and nourishing. Some examples of things that are in my space: candles and matches, journal and pens, crystals, my Nurture Your Magic self-devotion oils, essential oils, card decks, a plant, a comfy seat, cozy blanket, meaningful altar items, and post-it notes. 


Making your healing a priority is crucial to diving deep into the layers that have been keeping you stuck. Simply put, this requires time in your schedule where you intentionally devote time and energy to yourself. And a self-care corner can really help facilitate that.

It’s ok to start small!

In fact, you’re more likely to enjoy success when you begin small. If you can, aim to dedicate 5-10 minutes every day to set with yourself. If that is too much, then ONE minute. Just begin. The most important piece is intention and commitment. 

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