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Men need nurturing too. They deserve self-care just as much as everyone else.

Yet the wellness industries tend to neglect them. Men receive the message constantly that “self-care” is reserved for women, as though it’s somehow gender-specific. I’m just as guilty of buying into the notion that my healing needed be “niched” down to serve women-identifying people.

Recently, I’ve been asked several times if I work with men. My answer is, of course, yes! I believe everyone deserves self-care.

Self-Care is Not Gender-Specific

And yet… you wouldn’t know that from looking at my marketing and the language in my content. My photos are all of women, my brand is built to my “feminine” colors and fonts, and until recently my language was largely female-specific.

And frankly, I’m ashamed. And while I’ve been on a journey to embrace gender-neutral language, I acknowledge it’s not enough.


To be honest, I have been hurt badly by the men in my life, physically and emotionally, and I’m still healing. In many ways I’ve spent the last two years rejecting masculine energy.

A Better World

But the reality is men are failed by toxic masculinity too. They are failed miserably by a culture that reserves “self-care” for women. And raising boys reminds me of that. I wonder what a world would look like where men were nurtured and encouraged to nurture themselves too.

I’m certainly not helping the world be better by excluding them from my healing and self-care. I want my boys to grow up in a better world, and for them to see me care for men too. I want to constantly remind them that self-care is for them too.


And so I’m being strongly called to guide men on their healing and self-care journey. I feel pulled to make the wellness self-care industries more accessible to men and everyone.

I’ll continue to share how my practice serves men and how my style of bodywork and self-care practices suit men well. But for now I’ll just say:

Yes, I absolutely work with men. And I welcome all people into my healing space. Schedule your session today.

I vow to do better. I will do better.