Relieve Pain with Simple Self-Massage

Learn simple self-massage techniques to relieve tension, aches, and pains.

Transformational Bodywork

East Meets West

Jenelle fuses two complementary but very distinct bodywork modalities: Traditional Thai Massage and Structural Bodywork. 

The result is unique in almost every way.

Some key distinctions:

  • Performed on a thick mat on the floor, as opposed to a table
  • Client remains fully clothed
  • No oils or lotions
  • The technique is more focused on deep compression of muscle groups

Some unique benefits:

  • No lotion allows for optimal fascial manipulation
  • Clothing allows me to incorporate movement
  • Clothing allows me to access muscles otherwise difficult to access
  • Being on the floor has a very grounded energy unlike the table

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Massage vs Bodywork

I use the term bodywork to be all-encompassing. I do not just massage your muscles (as amazing as that is too!).


Fascia is the connective tissue that connects your whole body. It explains why you have disfunction in one part of the body but experience the pain in another. You cannot truly relieve pain unless you track where the disfunction is coming from.

Restore Balance

Imbalances in the body create disfunction. Easing pain requires us to identify where that disfunction is coming from so we can restore balance.


The body is not stagnant, therefore effective bodywork must involve movement of the limbs and the body. I use lengthening and shortening of the muscles to target disfunction and relieve pain.

Science plus intuition

I love using both sides of my brain. I can objectively assess the structure and quality of the tissue, and then tune in to how the body is "speaking" to me.


Prenatal/Postpartum Bodywork

New Mamas Need Extra Special Care!

The Transformational Bodywork Series is PERFECT for prenatal clients.

Focus on the unique challenges of pregnancy and postpartum recovery on the body.



NOTE ~ Prenatal and postpartum clients must receive clearance from their doctor before receiving bodywork

Joleen Yelton

Wow, what a life changer! I came to Jenelle when I was experiencing incredible pain and discomfort in my lower back during the first trimester of my pregnancy.

Before my sessions with her, it was difficult to sit in a chair, ride in the car and impossible to walk. My massages were both relaxing and energizing, and helped reduce my pain and stiffness almost immediately!

She not only took the time to get to know me and ask questions about my body and situation, she also helped to educate me on how to treat myself and how to be preventative.

She even sent me home with a few exercises that my husband was able to do to help stretch out my areas of stiffness.

Joleen Y, Mama in Portland, OR


Jenelle brought my awareness back and set me on a much healthier and more sustainable path. I can honestly say no massage has ever done so much for me.

I saw Jenelle a week ago and it was incredible. In addition to the wonderful massage, she noticed that my right rib cage wasn't expanding whenever I took a breath.

Since then I've been trying to be really intentional with my breath, working to make more space along my right side body and ribs. I've noticed my collarbones are so tight! They're restricted all the time. I've never even thought about my collarbones before.

I've been dealing with some past trauma recently and I didn't notice that it had caused me to become so detached from my body.

Amee, Portland, OR

I finally had the awesome opportunity to experience a full thai massage at Vida Coworking with Jenelle Woodlief. This year I’m leaning deep into the care and healing of my body, mind, and spirit. It is an essential part of my work as an artist and activist.

Without nourishing our own vessel and healing our own trauma it is radically difficult to be there for others. Follow @jenelle.woodlief for your self care support and if you’re in portland schedule a transformational thai massage with this brilliant healer.

Madison, Portland, OR

Your next massage needs to be scheduled with Jenelle Woodlief. I left my appointment yesterday feeling inspired, educated, with peace in my body and mind.


Your body needs her.


Do yourself a favor. Consider it self-care, self-love, self-respect and a healing practice because it’s all that and more.

Tabitha, Portland, OR

Jenelle has magic hands and and an incredible ability to heal!


I consider myself a massage connoisseur and my first Thai massage session with Jenelle had me wondering why I had never tried this type of massage before.


She not only relieved tension in places most practitioners can't seem to access, but also left me with some really valuable tips on self massage to keep the knots from getting so acute between sessions.


Do your body and whole being a favor and book a massage with Jenelle.

Rebecca, Portland, OR

Jenelle is a powerful human being with a natural healing ability that I received the second time I met her from a big hug.


I have gotten two massages from Jenelle and they were amazing.


I left feeling peaceful and with a new sense of joy that unfolded through the days after.

Snow, Portland, OR

Amazing in so many ways!


Jenelle creates a warm, healing space that allows pure relaxation. It was like being in a cocoon of all things beautiful. I am adding this into my self-care routine for sure!


It was a perfect amount of pressure, and as an empath I had a incredible amount of emotional release. I walked out feeling like a reset leveled up version of myself. 


Thank you Jenelle for such a wonderful experience during my first Thai Message! 


10 stars!

Gina, Portland, OR