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Our minds are incredibly potent, continuously forming our realities. You have the power to shift your reality.

But did you know that a mere 3% of the thoughts filling our minds are genuinely our own?

The rest are narratives we’ve absorbed from others – narratives that, more often than not, limit our perspectives and potential.

This guide on how to shift your reality is designed to help you identify and overcome such limiting beliefs, enabling you to write your own empowering story.

Our brains are like sponges

As we navigate through life, we inadvertently soak up the realities of others. These borrowed narratives start to shape our decision-making processes, our authenticity, and limit our choices.

Over time, they create a reality that confines us, often without us realizing that these narratives aren’t even ours. Learning how to shift your reality starts with understanding this.

For instance, I carried a limiting belief for years, a story I told myself that I was a failure if I didn’t accomplish enough. After some introspection, I understood that this narrative wasn’t inherently mine. I had adopted it from my mother, who had been led to believe that a good mother equates to doing everything. I knew it was time to shift my reality.

This narrative painted a picture that if my to-do list was overflowing, or the dishes were piling up, then I was failing. Over time, this story became my reality, fostering feelings of inadequacy and pressuring me to accomplish everything perfectly.

But, one day, I decided to challenge this belief, this narrative that was controlling me.

Collect Your Evidence

I drew a line down the middle of a paper; on one side, I wrote down the lie I was telling myself – that I was a failure because I didn’t do enough. On the other side, I listed all the evidence that contradicted this lie.

The exercise was a revelation. I was running a business, single-handedly raising a child, and importantly, taking care of myself. Instead of viewing the undone chores as failures, I reframed them as conscious choices to prioritize other aspects of my life, such as rest and work.

This is how you can shift your reality.

You begin by acknowledging the narratives you’ve internalized and questioning their validity. Then you realize that these narratives aren’t yours and replace them with empowering ones that are. So, what are the stories that are shaping your reality? Are they truly yours? Or are they borrowed tales that limit your potential?

Where to Start

Your journey to shift your reality begins with dismantling the stories that limit you and creating a new narrative, a new reality that truly reflects who you are.

Can you imagine the possibilities that open up when you rewrite your narrative, change your reality, and allow your authentic self to emerge? How transformative would that be for your life?

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