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The healing powers of touch are immense, and when couples massage each other amazing things happen.

Why should couples massage each other?

Getting a professional massage is wonderful, and arguably also crucial for healing and wellness. And yet… as a professional massage therapist, I encourage every couple to incorporate massage into their lives and partnerships. But it provides things that you just can’t get with a professional massage.

But we don’t know what we’re doing…

That’s ok! When couples massage one another, the point doesn’t have to be a professional experience. It gets to be something truly unique. The magic happens when you release the need to do it “right” and just embrace the time, effort, and love you can give each other.

But it hurts my hands, back, etc…

Of course, if it isn’t comfortable or it hurts your body, it sure is hard to enjoy it. So I’ve put together some tips for you!

  • Make it simple – you don’t need anything fancy. A massage table isn’t necessary, nor is even lotion or oil. Simply putting your hands on each other with the intention of helping them feel better is enough.
  • Don’t over think it – when we get stuck in our heads, trying to do it “right”, it takes us out of the moment and makes it nearly impossible to listen to your partner’s body.
  • Just “listen” – listening to your partner’s words is obviously important, but learning to “listen” to their body is also necessary. Just be present, put your hands on your partner’s body, and see if your body can listen to what their muscles are asking for. What muscles feel tight, what joints feel restricted, what does your intuition tell you they need?
  • Make it easy on you – find ways to make it as easy on your body as possible. If it hurts or is uncomfortable to give massage, find a way that it does feel good. (And take a class to learn more! I have a video series here.)
  • Ask for feedback – don’t forget to check in with your partner throughout the experience (ask what they like, what feels good, if they need different pressure, etc) and make sure to communicate with one another.

And of course, come to Portland to take a private training or group workshop with me! They’re fun and engaging, and I teach you how to give each other couples massage safely, comfortably, and effectively.

Private Workshops

I teach you how to give each other a relaxing and effective couples massage that feels good to both give and receive. Using the principles of traditional Thai massage, I guide you in finding the positioning and techniques that feel best on your bodies. When it feels good to give, you’ll enjoy it more and you’ll do it more together.

You both receive massage from me to enhance your learning, and have a truly relaxing learning experience. Then you practice the techniques on each other so I can guide you in finding the most comfortable positioning and techniques for your body. You get feedback and helpful guidance, and it’s so fun!

Group Workshops

These are fun too! Learn with a group of other couples how to give your partner a 30 minute Thai massage. Check out the upcoming schedule here.

Video Series

Learn at your own pace at home, when and where it works best for you. This is a great intro to traditional Thai massage! Purchase it here for $49.

I’d love to have you, but remember, the most important thing is to prioritize time with and listen to each other, whether you “know” what you’re doing or not. Follow the tips above to connect with and help each other relax.

Learn more on my Couples Massage page here.

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