I am a Pain Specialist, a Transformational Bodyworker, and a Trauma Healer. I’ve spent years helping people just like you change their lives.

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You deserve to feel good in your body. The world actually needs you to live your best life because the world heals when we heal ourselves. The world needs us to redefine self-care.

How do I know?

I once lived a life that wasn’t truly mine. I didn’t live with intention, I just sort of responded to whatever life threw at me. Looking back, I can see that I didn’t actually believe that I deserved to feel good, or even that it was possible.

So I gave bits and pieces of myself away, and my body and soul paid the price. I was just sort of surviving, often in some kind of pain or discomfort. Really only asking for help when my pain impeded my ability to serve others. And even then, I got just enough help to get me back to survival mode. Pain and discomfort became a part of my existence.

Until I hit my breaking point and life broke me.

It was in my brokenness that I created a new way of being, feeling, and doing. But I can’t help but wonder… what if I had just allowed myself to heal and feel good? What if I had redefined self-care then? Asked for what I needed and demanded a life beyond just survival mode?

What would life look like now?

Crisis to survival mode to THRIVING

Now I know how unbelievably common this is. Waiting until you get to your breaking point to begin truly healing. Waiting until crisis to redefine self-care for YOU.

I call this the crisis to survival to thriving journey. So many of us stumble along in survival mode, then wait until we fall into crisis mode to finally get help.

For example, we’ll deal with (and even come to accept) chronic pain or discomfort for years or even decades. Just kind of surviving. Then when our body stops speaking politely, we get injured or begin experiencing severe pain, at which point we move into crisis mode.

Sound familiar?

So then maybe we get help – we see our doctor, go to the chiropractor, maybe get a massage. Just enough care to move us out of acute/severe injury and crisis mode back to survival mode. And then stop, so we oscillate between crisis and survival modes. Without realizing that we CAN and deserve to THRIVE.

How can I help?

Simply put, I help you avoid that breaking point altogether. And it all starts with connecting more deeply with your body so you can listen to the quiet messages, the polite requests for support. I help your body feel good so you can learn how to thrive. I help you redefine self-care so you can connect with your highest self possible.

I’m really good at what I do!

I help you live a life beyond survival mode and live a life beyond chronic pain, discomfort, and injury. I help you see that there’s another way, and I give you the tools to see how. 

Come spend two hours with me to see what else is possible now. You’ll receive massage, bodywork, energy medicine, and guidance on tapping into your body’s wisdom and your higher self.

Book a session with me today!

I can’t wait to see you!



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